Know Your Herd

We help ranchers and farmers gain new insights into their herds, enhance animal health and wellbeing, and help bring clean, traceable food to all of us. Our technology securely authenticates transactions along the entire livestock production cycle.

HerdView, together with HerdBoost, makes up the HerdX ecosystem. As the livestock is processed and transported, HerdX authenticated data stays with the meat. The comprehensive, end-to-end data model becomes the HerdX Taste of Trust network, giving grocers and restaurants the traceability their customers are requesting, and for the first time, giving farmers and ranchers a voice with the consumers of their products.

How It Works

HerdX uses connected tags, readers, and verified data to help farmers and ranchers monitor animal movement, identify health anomalies and increase operational efficiencies.



Giving farmers new insights.

Using our system of livestock tags and readers, farmers record their herds and can see activity and monitor animal movement with the HerdView app. The resulting secure and authenticated data validates where and when the information was collected.



Enhancing animal health and wellbeing.

Our innovative HerdBoost trough system provides livestock with alkalized water to help boost the immune system and aid the transition of freshly weaned animals and new arrivals.

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