HerdX CEO Newly Appointed New Zealand Edmund Hillary Fellow

Ron Hicks joins new wave of entrepreneurial talent for New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand: shot by Hicks

Ron Hicks, CEO of HerdX, was recently inducted into the Edmund Hillary Fellowship, an organization in Aotearoa New Zealand dedicated to solving global issues through novel solutions and skilled innovators.

HerdX is an agri-tech company based in the heart of Texas, that works diligently to bring trust to food supply chains throughout the world by partnering with farmers, tracking products all the way to the consumer to showcase authentic transparency. 

As an Edmund Hillary Fellow, Hicks is joining a team of dedicated entrepreneurs that are blazing a new trail to help New Zealand be a leader in promoting global change. 

HerdX believes the technological solutions we provide will increase the livelihood of New Zealand farmers, boost the agricultural economy, and preserve the environments they depend on. 

“I could not be more excited to partner with such a powerful country like New Zealand and my appointment as a Fellow with the Edmund Hillary Foundation,” Hicks said. “It is full of passionate leaders from around the globe who align with the unique Kiwi culture to help build the New Zealand economy and impact the world.”

The Drive for Global Change

Now, more than ever, consumers are questioning where their food comes from. Farmers are working long hard hours with very tight margins. At HerdX, we are determined to bring transparency to the food supply chain and trust to the consumer, helping bridge the gap. 

Our goal is set; as consumers demand higher quality products and transparency, HerdX will deploy new tools to meet the demands with New Zealand food products and help deliver unique data to retailers, authenticating the products they want to sell. HerdX will help New Zealand spearhead this pivot in adopting best practices, positioning its farmers as leaders in the market.

A Continued Partnership 

HerdX will help build authentic supply chain transparency and bring to the forefront the need to raise New Zealand livestock following best practices to ensure the sustainability of the animals, the farmers, and our planet. A big part of this is about sharing the farmer’s story to revitalize the appreciation for agriculture and the food being grown. HerdX will continue the work of connecting the vast, independent network of millions of farmers, fishermen, corporations, and consumers each day. 

We know the New Zealand community is strong and we want to serve it well. Our product will bring added value to New Zealand farmers’ sheep, cattle, and other products. Overall, fueling the New Zealand economy, helping farmers, and bringing transparency to the consumer all through our innovative and data-driven solution. 

ABOUT HERDX: HerdX creates trust and transparency in the world’s food supply chain. We provide management tools for farmers, supply chain traceability, and connect consumers back to the farm.

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