HerdX Partners with SnapIT to Begin Tracking Fish

HerdX is partnering with SnapIT to begin using blockchain technology to track fish, providing verified products from sea to plate.

SnapIT CEO, Chris Rodley, states,

“SnapIT are excited to be working together with HerdX to provide fish and the best New Zealand primary produce into the premium markets of the “Taste of Trust ” network. SnapIT are developing the Daily Catch platform with co-funding from MPI, providing producers and fishermen with the ability to showcase their products, and building powerful tools – including the integration of transparency and traceability technologies such as IoT sensors and cameras – to help tell their provenance stories. Daily Catch will present a new way for consumers to connect with the producers of their food, fostering a greater appreciation for the journey food takes from land or sea to plate. Through our connection with HerdX and the “Taste of Trust” network, we see the incredible capability to provide premium products to innovative new markets.”

SnapIT, a New Zealand based company, develops live cameras, AI hardware, and Satellite communication systems to help a variety of industries track and verify their products.

HerdX CEO, Ron Hicks, said,

“We are excited to continue our company expansion of livestock tracing and tracking blockchain solutions to help countries needing authentic food products with data access throughout the globe. Our new relationship with SnapIT offers our “Taste of Trust” network solution to help expand the SnapIT fish products that have been properly caught, processed, and authenticated through digital means to be showcased on our unique retail network.”

Learn more about SnapIT here: https://www.snapit.group/


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