HerdX Partnership Authenticates Sustainable Coffee

HerdX is launching into the coffee industry to help bring transparency to coffee growers dedicated to utilizing sustainable and regenerative farming practices to produce premium products grown at a higher altitude. These special harvested beans are highly valued in the world market today. 

HerdX is partnering with TheOne Kafe, a Guatemalan based coffee farm dedicated to growing beans in a unique and sustainable manner. 

TheOne Kafe CEO, Jorge Bosch, shares his vision; “TheOne Kafe is both honored and privileged to partner with HerdX and the Taste of Trust network.  As a company, we strive to be the best that we can be, not as a cliché, but to be a difference-maker in the lives that we touch as we go about our business. This begins with the farmer, those responsible for growing the beans that we can later enjoy as a tasteful cup of coffee.  Our vision is to lift these day-to-day heroes to a place where the consumer can learn their story and learn about both their passion and sacrifice to produce the best quality high-altitude coffee in the world.” 

HerdX will use its blockchain technology to showcase the TheOne Kafe farms to consumers. 

Bosch continues, “this is where the partnership with HerdX shines, as it will allow our consumers to have front row seats to show the origin of our coffee through the unique HerdX end-to-end solution. As part of our traceability process, we will show the price we pay our farmers and those affiliated with our program.

HerdX Head of Capital Markets, Bruce Gregory, said, “HerdX is excited to partner with TheOne Kafe. Our Taste of Trust Network establishes these unique mountain-grown coffee beans as a superior product consumers can trace to the coffee’s origin. This partnership promotes sustainable coffee growing methods and brings transparency through data to the consumer. It also enhances economic growth in the mountain region and offers farmers better pay and a unique advantage in the global market.” 

ABOUT HERDX: HerdX creates trust and transparency in the world’s food supply chain. We provide management tools for farmers, supply chain traceability, and connect consumers back to the farm.


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