Helping cow/calf producers and stockers operate more efficiently.

Manage Your Herd, Grow Your Business

The HerdView™ cattle management solution helps ranchers gain new insights into their herds, enhance animal health, and improve ranch operations. From birth to feedlot transfer and beyond, your livestock investment is better protected—and more productive—with HerdView™.

With innovative Area Monitoring capabilities, the HerdView™ system alerts you when an animal hasn’t gone to food or water, indicating possible illness or injury well before outward signs appear. Ranchers can identify, evaluate and mitigate issues before they become worse, lowering animal loss, increasing animal health and maximizing yield.

A Nose-to-Tail Tracking Solution

HerdView™ offers a complete herd management solution, including:

  • HerdView™ Tags – Ultra-durable UHF RFID ear tags provide a unique ID for each animal
  • HerdView™ Readers – Receives info transmitted by the Tags, records sessions & transmits to the cloud
  • HerdView™ App – Access your herd anywhere, manage inventory, track irregularities


The HerdView™ App

Put your herd in the palm of your hand

The simple and intuitive HerdView™ app makes herd management easier than ever. With real-time counting and movement data, plus helpful task management and Area Monitoring alerts at your fingertips, the HerdView™ app connects you to your herd like never before— even when network connectivity is absent.

Available on iOS and Android.


Manage Your Herd

With our fast, flexible HerdX reader, high frequency tags and HerdView™ app, it’s easier than ever to track, protect and grow your livestock operations.

Reduce Animal Loss

Innovative Area Monitoring technology alerts at the first signs of sickness, often days before outward signs appear, enabling early intervention and less cattle loss.

Maximize Profits

Time-saving inventory management features help ranchers maximize productivity and profits for any size operation.

Herd Management Features

Everything ranchers need to increase operational efficiency

Manage livestock inventory and keep productivity high with innovative task management features designed to help keep a ranch running smoothly.


Accurate Counting Sessions

HerdX readers positioned at gates and chutes deliver quick, accurate counting that saves time and resources.

Automated Transfers and Tracing

Easily ship & receive animals with authenticated electronic records that provide a traceable path all the way to finishing.

Integrated Task Management

Assign tasks, create ‘to do’ lists, set up treatment reminders and automate workflows to keep the ranch running efficiently

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